Classification of different erythrocyte cells by using bioimpedance surface acoustic wave and their sedimentation rates

Mohamed Eldosoky


Classification of the RBCs with their shapes, volumes and volume fractions is an important indicator for the normality of the healthy body. RBCs in the plasma are simulated electrically as a conductor solution with insulated particles moving through the plasma. Consequently, the impedance of the plasma-RBCs is proportional to the number and the volume of the RBCs within the plasma. This paper presents a new proposed method for studying the characteristics of the RBCs by using a surface acoustic wave sensor. Because of the free motion of the RBCs during the test of the erythrocytes sedimentation rate, the concentration of the RBCs varies from one layer to another. Consequently, the output waveform of the surface acoustic wave sensor changes from one time to another related to the behavior of the RBCs. This method shows its ability to classify not only the volume fraction and volumes of the RBCs, but also the different types of the RBCs.


Bioimpendance; Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate; RBCs; Surface acoustic wave

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