Vol 6 (2015)

Table of Contents


Impedance surprises PDF
Brian Brown 1


Development of a real-time, semi-capacitive impedance phlebography device PDF
Sören Niklas Weyer, Hannes Weber, Christian Kleeberg, Steffen Leonhardt, Tobias Wartzek 2-9
Investigating the quasi-oscillatory behavior of electrical parameters with the concentration of D-glucose in aqueous solution PDF
Subhadip Chakraborty, Chirantan Das, Rajib Saha, Avishek Das, Nirmal Kumar Bera, Dipankar Chattopadhyay, Anupam Karmakar, Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Sanatan Chattopadhyay 10-17
Optically isolated current source PDF
Fred-Johan Pettersen, Jan Olav Høgetveit 18-21
Compression-dependency of soft tissue bioimpedance for in-vivo and in-vitro tissue testing PDF
Sepideh M Moqadam, Parvind Grewal, Majid Shokoufi, Farid Golnaraghi 22-32
A fast method to estimate body capacitance to ground at mid frequencies PDF
Carles Aliau-Bonet, Ramon Pallas-Areny 33-36
Parallel, multi frequency EIT measurement, suitable for recording impedance changes during epilepsy PDF
Thomas Dowrick, Gustavo Sato Dos Santos, Anna Vongerichten, David Holder 37-43
A Novel Method to Obtain Proximal Plethysmographic Information from Distal Measurements Using the Impedance Plethysmogram PDF
Joan Gomez-Clapers, Ramon Casanella, Ramon Pallas-Areny 44-48
Sources of error in AC measurement of skin conductance PDF
Ørjan Grøttem Martinsen, Oliver Pabst, Christian Tronstad, Sverre Grimnes 49-53

ISSN: 1891-5469