Vol 7 (2016)

Table of Contents


The dark side of open access PDF
Ørjan Grøttem Martinsen 1


Body composition assessment by bioelectrical impedance analysis and body mass index in individuals with chronic spinal cord injury PDF
Eliza Regina Ferreira Braga Machado de Azevedo, Karina Cristina Alonso, Alberto Cliquet Jr 2-5
Finite difference model of a four-electrode conductivity measurement system SUPPL PDF
Noel D Montgomery, Jack L. Lancaster 6-12
Electrical field landscape of two electroceuticals PDF
Olov Wahlsten, Jeff Skiba, Inder Makin, Peter Apell 13-19
Simulation of impedance measurements at human forearm within 1 kHz to 2 MHz PDF
Gautam Anand, Andrew Lowe, Ahmed M. Al-Jumaily 20-27
Diagnosis of mitral insufficiency using Impedance Cardiography Technique ICG PDF
Souhir Chabchoub, Sofienne Mansouri, Ridha Ben Salah 28-34
Correlation of rheoencephalography and laser Doppler flow: a rat study PDF
Michael Bodo, Ryan Sheppard, Aaron Hall, Martin Baruch, Melissa Laird, Shravalya Tirumala, Richard Mahon 55-58
Electrical impedance tomography methods for miniaturised 3D systems SUPPL PDF
C. Canali, K. Aristovich, L. Ceccarelli, L. B. Larsen, Ø. G. Martinsen, A. Wolff, M. Dufva, J. Emneus, A. Heiskanen 59-67
Estimation of optimal frequencies for electrical impedance-based diagnosis of ‎osteoporosis based on numerical modeling of cancellous bone tissue PDF
Reza Goodarzi, Mehrdad Saviz 68-71

Tutorial Articles

A LabVIEW-based electrical bioimpedance spectroscopic data interpreter (LEBISDI) for biological tissue impedance analysis and equivalent circuit modelling PDF
Tushar Kanti Bera, J. Nagaraju, Gilles Lubineau 35-54

ISSN: 1891-5469