Vol 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance (JEB) - a new, open access scientific journal PDF
Sverre Grimnes, Orjan Grottem Martinsen 1


Impedance cardiography: Pulsatile blood flow and the biophysical and electrodynamic basis for the stroke volume equations Comments PDF
Donald P Bernstein 2-17
Studies in Rheoencephalography (REG) PDF
Michael Bodo 18-40


Testing miniaturized electrodes for impedance measurements within the beta-dispersion – a practical approach PDF
Uwe Pliquett, Dieter Frense, Markus Schönfeldt, Christian Frätzer, Yong Zhang, Brian Cahill, Michael Metzen, Andreas Barthel, Thomas Nacke, Dieter Beckmann 41-55
Magnetic induction pneumography: a planar coil system for continuous monitoring of lung function via contactless measurements PDF
Doga Gursoy, Hermann Scharfetter 56-62
Wounds as probes of electrical properties of skin PDF
Olov Erik Wahlsten, Peter Sten Apell 63-70
Positive phase error from parallel conductance in tetrapolar bio-impedance measurements and its compensation PDF
Martina F Callaghan, Torben Lund, Ivan M Roitt, Richard H Bayford 71-79
Assessing cardiac preload by the Initial Systolic Time Interval obtained from impedance cardiography PDF
Jan H Meijer, Annemieke Smorenberg, Erik J Lust, Rudolf M Verdaasdonk, A B Johan Groeneveld 80-83
Direct localised measurement of electrical resistivity profile in rat and embryonic chick retinas using a microprobe SUPPL PDF
Harsha Kasi, Robert Meissner, Alexandre Babalian, Harald van Lintel, Arnaud Bertsch, Philippe Renaud 84-92

ISSN: 1891-5469