Vol 3 (2012)

Table of Contents


Increasing interest for the Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance PDF
Orjan Grottem Martinsen, Sverre Grimnes 1


Modeling and simulation of equivalent circuits in description of biological systems - a fractional calculus approach PDF
José Francisco Gómez Aguilar, J. Jesús Bernal Alvarado, J. Juan Rosales Garcia, Teodoro Córdova Fraga 2-11
Impedimetric characterization of human blood using three-electrode based ECIS devices PDF
Rangadhar Pradhan, Analava Mitra, Soumen Das 12-19
Description of corrections on electrode polarization impedance using isopotential interface factor PDF
John Alexander Gomez Sanchez, Carmelo Jose Felice 29-35
The current-voltage relation of a pore and its asymptotic behavior in a Nernst-Planck model PDF
Marius Birlea, Sînziana Iulia Birlea 36-41
Analysis of impedance measurements of a suspension of microcapsules using a variable length impedance measurement cell PDF
Dejan Krizaj, Borut Pečar 42-50
Estimating electrical properties and the thickness of skin with electrical impedance spectroscopy: Mathematical analysis and measurements PDF
Ulrik Hans Birgersson, Erik Birgersson, Stig Ollmar 51-60
Transient impedance changes in venous endothelial monolayers as a biological radiation dosimetry response FIG1 MOV2 MOV3 MOVS2 MOVS3 PDF
Erik Fossum Young 61-65
Low power current sources for bioimpedance measurements: A comparison between Howland and integrated CMOS OTA circuits PDF
Pedro Bertemes-Filho, Volney Coelho Vincence, Marcio S Santos, Ilson Xavier Zanatta 66-73

Tutorial Articles

An introduction to the memristor - a valuable circuit element in bioelectricity and bioimpedance PDF
Gorm Krogh Johnsen 20-28
Marking 100 years since Rudolf Höber’s discovery of the insulating envelope surrounding cells and of the beta-dispersion exhibited by tissue PDF
Ronald Pethig, Ilka Schmueser 74-79

ISSN: 1891-5469