Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

The Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (JAIS) is the world's most widely read journal in the field of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Vol. 16 2016 Edited by Lutz Edzard & Stephan Guth

Table of Contents


The Twelfth-century documents of St. George’s of Tròccoli (Sicily)
Vera von Falkenhausen, Nadia Jamil, Jeremy Johns
Three Arabic Novels of Expatriation in the Arabian Gulf Region: Ibrāhīm Naṣrallāh’s "Prairies of Fever", Ibrāhīm ʿAbdalmagīd’s "The Other Place", and Saʿūd al-Sanʿūsī’s "Bamboo Stalk"
Hani Elayyan
Significant Intersections between Legal and Rhetorical Theories: Lessons from an Interdisciplinary Reading of al-Bāqillānī’s Theory of Language PDF
Rachel Anne Friedman
Who Was ʿUmar ibn Sayyid? A Critical Reevaluation of the Translations and Interpretations of the Life PDF
William Costel Tamplin
One Piece of the Puzzle: Notes on the Historic Interdental Fricatives /θ, ð, ðˁ/ in the Arabic Dialect of Gaza City PDF
William M. Cotter
La conception ğāḥiẓienne de l’"adab" d’après son épître "Ṣināʿāt al-quwwād" PDF
Salah Natij
The Universe and the Womb: Generation, Conception, and the Stars in Islamic Medieval Astrological and Medical Texts PDF
Lana Saif
What Makes the Qurʾānic Narratives Cohesive? Systemic Functional Linguistics-Based Analysis of Reference Role: Some Reflections PDF
Zaid Alamiri, Peter Mickan
Special Dossier - a) Introduction: "Living 2016" and the "In 2016" Project PDF
Stephan Guth
Special Dossier - b) Cairo: Personal Reflections on Enduring Daily Life
Mona Abaza
Special Dossier - c) « La Rolls et la Volkswagen » Ecrire en tunisien sur Facebook en 2016 PDF
Myriam Achour Kallel
Special Dossier - d) “A Dark Comedy”: Perceptions of the Egyptian Present between Reality and Fiction PDF
Elena Chiti
Special Dossier - e) The Construction of "Tunisianity" through Sociolinguistic Practives: From the Tunisian Independence to 2016 PDF
Mariem Guellouz
Special Dossier - f) Twenty-Three Recent Arabic Films Impressions from two film festivals (Oslo and Tübingen, 2016) PDF
Stephan Guth
Special Dossier - g) #Sisi_vs_Youth: Who Has a Voice in Egypt? PDF
Albrecht Hofheinz
Special Dossier - h) Satiric Literature and Other “Popular” Literary Genres in Egypt Today PDF
Richard Jacquemond
Special Dossier - i) Deciphering the Binary Code “Egyptian versus Foreigner” in Egyptian Cinema PDF
Delphine Pages-El Karoui
Special Dossier - j) Impressions from Tunisia, Spring 2016 PDF
Ragnhild J. Zorgati
Special Dossier - k) Le soufisme New Age des salles de Yoga/The New Age Sufism of the "salles de Yoga"
Dalia Chams
Special Dossier - (a-k Complete) Living 2016: Cultural Codes and Arrays in Arab Everyday Worlds Five Years After the "Arab Spring" PDF
Stephan Guth (ed.), Elena Chiti (ed.)

ISSN: 0806-198X