Editorial Team

Section Editor

  1. Dr. Sebastian Möring, University of Potsdam Department for Arts and Media European Media Studies Head-Coordinator of DIGAREC - Digital Games Research Center of the University of Potsdam, Germany
  2. Dr. Daniel Vella, University of Malta, Malta
  3. Dr Feng Zhu, King's College London, United Kingdom
  4. Dr. Mark Silcox, Department of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Central Oklahoma
  5. Rune Klevjer, University of Bergen, Norway
  6. Anita Leirfall, University of Bergen, Norway
  7. Olli Leino, City University Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  8. C. Thi Nguyen, Utah Valley University, United States

Advisory Board

  1. Espen Aarseth, Denmark
  2. Luciano Floridi, United Kingdom

Editor in Chief

  1. John R. Sageng, Game Philosophy Network, Norway

ISSN: 2535-4388