Online First Issue

This is the Online First Issue for JPG. We will publish the accepted papers as they become available in this issue, which will be converted to a regular volume/issue in 2018.

Table of Contents


The Incompatibility of Games and Artworks PDF
Brock Rough
Carnal Hermeneutics and the Digital Game PDF
Paul Martin
Playability as Realism PDF
Jon Garthoff
Clarifying Incoherence in Games PDF
Hugo Dirk Hogenbirk, Marries van de Hoef, John-Jules Charles Meyer
The Role of the Player in Video-Game Fictions PDF
Aaron Graham Suduiko

Book Reviews

Virtual Worlds as Philosophical Tools: How to Philosophize with a Digital Hammer by Stefano Gualeni PDF
Jonne Arjoranta
Experience Machines by Mark Silcox (ed.) PDF
Christopher Bartel

Discussion Notes

The Compatibility of Games and Artworks PDF
Michael Ridge
Response to Michael Ridge PDF
Brock Rough
A Reply to Rough PDF
David Myers
Response to David Myers PDF
Brock Rough

ISSN: 2535-4388