A Comparative Study of Three Key Features in the Design and Practice of Teacher Education in the United States and Norway: Part I. Findings from a Study in the United States [VISIONS 2011: Teacher Education]

Karen Moore Hammerness


This paper draws upon recent research on program features that characterize powerful teacher education. This research suggests that teacher education programs need to promote a clear vision of teachers and teaching; must be coherent, reflecting a shared understanding of teaching and learning among faculty and students; and finally, need to be built around a strong core curriculum deeply tied to teaching practice. However, we know little about whether these features also characterize powerful teacher education programs in other countries. To address that gap, I share research from two studies, one in the United States, and one in Norway (in the linked paper that follows). The studies examined the visions, coherence, and relationship to practice in a range of teacher education programs. This first paper examines the nature and role of vision, coherence and opportunities to learn in three teacher education programs in the United States.

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

teacher education; coherence, student teachers



DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5617/adno.1087

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