Modeling and simulation of equivalent circuits in description of biological systems - a fractional calculus approach

José Francisco Gómez Aguilar, J. Jesús Bernal Alvarado, J. Juan Rosales Garcia, Teodoro Córdova Fraga


Using the fractional calculus approach, we present the Laplace analysis of an equivalent electrical circuit for a multilayered system, which includes distributed elements of the Cole model type. The Bode graphs are obtained from the numerical simulation of the corresponding transfer functions using arbitrary electrical parameters in order to illustrate the methodology. A numerical Laplace transform is used with respect to the simulation of the fractional differential equations. From the results shown in the analysis, we obtain the formula for the equivalent electrical circuit of a simple spectrum, such as that generated by a real sample of blood tissue, and the corresponding Nyquist diagrams. In addition to maintaining consistency in adjusted electrical parameters, the advantage of using fractional differential equations in the study of the impedance spectra is made clear in the analysis used to determine a compact formula for the equivalent electrical circuit, which includes the Cole model and a simple RC model as special cases.


Bioimpedance, fractional calculus, Nyquist and Bode diagrams, numerical Laplace transform

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