Development of a real-time, semi-capacitive impedance phlebography device

Sören Niklas Weyer, Hannes Weber, Christian Kleeberg, Steffen Leonhardt, Tobias Wartzek


Chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs is a disease which is caused by an increased blood pressure inside the veins of the leg and the resulting increase of the contained blood volume. This work focuses on developing a device which uses impedance plethysmography to obtain information about the blood volume in the lower leg and provides the possibility to measure the impedance semi contact-less, e.g. through compression stockings. Furthermore a real-time beat-to-beat interval detection algorithm was implemented. Finally, the function of the developed impedance measuring system and the whole system was verified by comparing it with a gold standard. In comparison to the conductive coupling, the system performed similarly. The analysis showed that the developed system is suitable for semi-capacitive IPG. The algorithm was implemented conservatively since it provided a good false-positive rate of 0%, but only a moderate sensitivity of about 68%. Reliable and continuous measurement of the pulse signal was only possible in periods of immobility.


chronic venous insufficiency; impedance plethysmography; capacitive measurement; real-time detection algorithm

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