Vol 8 (2017)

Table of Contents


Shedding light on dark spots using EIS PDF
Stig Ollmar 1-2


Dual modality electrical impedance and ultrasound reflection tomography to improve image quality PDF
Khusnul Ain, D. Kurniadi, S. Suprijanto, O. Santoso 3-10
Impedance detection of the electrical resistivity of the wound tissue around deep brain stimulation electrodes permits registration of the encapsulation process in a rat model PDF
Kathrin Badstuebner, Marco Stubbe, Thomas Kroeger, Eilhard Mix, Jan Gimsa 11-24
Comparison of cerebrovascular reactivity tests: a pilot human study PDF
Michael Bodo, Richard Mahon, Alex Razumovsky, Efim Kouperberg, Michael Crimmins, Rocco Armonda, Martin Baruch 25-33
Application of genetic algorithm in extracting cell dielectric characteristics with electrorotation PDF
Elnaz Alizadeh-Haghighi, Samad Jafarmadar, Shahram Khalilarya 34-39
A system to monitor segmental intracellular, interstitial, and intravascular volume and circulatory changes during acute hemodialysis PDF
Leslie David Montgomery, Richard W Montgomery, Wayne A Gerth, Marty Loughry, Susie Q Lew, Manuel T Velasquez 40-53
Bones, blood and steel: How bioelectrical impedance analysis is affected by hip fracture and surgical implants PDF
Ole Martin Steihaug, Bård Erik Bogen, Målfrid Holen Kristoffersen, Anette Hylen Ranhoff 54-59
Bioelectrical impedance analysis of body composition: influence of a newly implanted cardiac device PDF
Luiz Wellington Pinto, Silvia Veloso Gandra, Matheus Carvalho Alves, Isabel Gomes, Eduardo Back Sternick 60-65
Peripheral vein detection using electrical impedance method PDF
Mugeb Baggash Al-harosh, Sergey I Shchukin 79-83
Analysis of a mechanistic model for non-invasive bioimpedance of intact skin PDF
Betty Tsai, Hansong Xue, Erik Birgersson, Stig Ollmar, Ulrik Birgersson 84-96
Classification of different erythrocyte cells by using bioimpedance surface acoustic wave and their sedimentation rates PDF
Mohamed Eldosoky 97-100
The effect of heart pulsatile on the measurement of artery bioimpedance PDF
Reda Mohamed, Mohamed El Dosoky, Mohamed El-Wakad 101-106
Monitoring thoracic fluid content using bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy and Cole modeling PDF
Silviu Dovancescu, Salvatore Saporito, Ingeborg H.F. Herold, Hendrikus H.M. Korsten, Ronald M. Aarts, Massimo Mischi 107-115


Spatial resolution in electrical impedance tomography: A topical review PDF
Venkatratnam Chitturi, Farrukh Nagi 66-78

ISSN: 1891-5469