What theory? What heritage? Some excerpts from the current book project on heritology

Tomislav Šola


This lecture contains several sets of arguments about why we have to rethink our strategies and theoretical framework. I claim that only by knowing the world around us can we propose an answer that is useful for our users and for society in general.

I also advocate rethinking the role of collective memory institutions, museums included, so that they form a powerful alliance of humanistic, cybernetic response to the challenges and threats we encounter. There is also a claim that we have a solid basis on which to reconceptualise our position via a wider theoretical approach that is also fitting for other kindred institutions.

The terms “heritology” and “mnemosophy” are proposed as an intentional provocation that should lead to a usable, open redefinition. In the same way, the museum institution – or rather the heritage institution – should be re-defined and used differently so that it becomes part of the solution to the problems of contemporary society. 

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5617/nm.3311


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