No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Forord PDF (Norwegian)
Brita Brenna 1-2


LHBTQI-perspektiv och kulturarv. Aspekter på urval, överväganden och tillrättalägganden PDF (Swedish)
Bodil Axelsson, Karl-Emil Åkerö 3-19
What’s in a museum name? A study of name changes among Danish museums PDF
Line Schmeltz, Anna Karina Kjeldsen 20-40
Stimulating curiosity for global poverty and inequality. An explorative study of students’ experiences with the exhibition A World at Stake PDF
Sigurd Solhaug Nielsen 41-59
“Ghosts in the background” and “The price of the war”. Representations of the Lapland War in Finnish museums PDF
Suzie Thomas, Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto 60-77
Curating the poster. An environmental strategy for curating posters and graphic design PDF (Danish)
Line Hjorth Christensen 78-94
Curatorial strategies developed in perspective of the institutional critique of the 1960s and 1970s. PDF (Danish)
Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz 95-104

Exhibition reviews

After Belonging. A Triennale In Residence, On Residence and the Ways We Stay in Transit. Oslo Architecture Triennale, Norway 8 September–27 November 2016 PDF
Aurelia Oancea 105-109

Book reviews

Anna Maria Forssberg & Karin Sennefelt (red.). Fråga föremålen. Handbok til historiske studier av materiell kultur. Lund: Studentlitteratur.2014. 245 s. ISBN 978-91-44-09880-5. PDF (Norwegian)
Anne-Sofie Hjemdahl 109-112
Peggy Levitt. Artifacts and Allegiances. How Museums put the Nation and the World onDisplay. Oakland, CA: University of California Press. 2015. 244 s. ISBN 978-0-520-28607-8. PDF (Norwegian)
Silje Opdahl Mathisen 113-117
Inge Adriansen (red.). Kulturel nordisme i hundrede år. Skandinavisk Museumsforbund 1915–2015. Gylling: Narayana Press. 2015.195 s. ISBN: 978-87-87385-32-0. PDF (Norwegian)
Janne Werner Olsrud 117-120

ISSN: 2002-0503