No 1 (2018)

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Table of Contents


An imagined community Twenty-five years of Nordic Museology PDF
Brita Brenna 1-4


The birth of the museum in the Nordic countries. Kunstkammer museology and museography PDF
Mattias Ekman 5-26
Intersecting heritage, milieu and environment. The concept of Nordic museology in the early 1990s PDF
Mattias Bäckström 27–44
Hip heritage and contemporary tastes. Packaging the Nordic in the American cultural market PDF
Lizette Gradén, Tom O’Dell 45-61
Manker’s list. Museum collections in the era of deaccessioning and disposal PDF
Bjørnar Olsen 62–73
The dusty museum PDF
Inkeri Hakamies 74-88
Museums and museology in Denmark in the twenty-first century PDF
Vinnie Nørskov 89-95
The development of Finnish museums over the last forty years PDF
Janne Vilkuna 96-103
Museology and the Icelandic museum field. Collaborations and development PDF
Gudrun Whitehead, Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson 104-110
Museums and museologies in Norway PDF
Brita Brenna 111-118
Museums, museology and cultural heritage studies in Sweden 1993–2017. Some experiences and effects PDF
Eva Silvén 119-129

Short texts

Rethinking the museum PDF
Christine Buhl Andersen 130-133
Museology opens opportunities. A new generation of museums PDF
Susanna Pettersson 134-136
A few thoughts from a museologist with a business degree PDF
Þóra Björk Ólafsdóttir 137-139
The role of museum studies in the development of the twenty-first century National Museum of Iceland PDF
Margrét Hallgrímsdóttir 140-143
What is museology and what should it be? A reflection on how today’s museological thinking came into being PDF
Hans-Jacob Ågotnes 144-146
Musings on museology PDF
Marzia Varutti 147-149
Museology from within. Thinking critically through and with museums PDF
Lotten Gustafsson Reinius 150-153
Museum science? PDF
Kerstin Smeds 154-156
European museum knowledge PDF
Peter Aronsson 157-160

ISSN: 2002-0503