Att undervisa i teknik – försök till en utbildningsfilosofi utifrån Heidegger och Dewey

Eva Blomdahl


This paper presents an attempt to articulate a philosophy of education with respect to technology.The guiding idea is that the primary aim of technology education should be to help pupils to reflecton the nature of technology as a social and cultural phenomenon, as regards its effects on individuals,their society and the environment. Bearing in mind Heidegger’s ideas on the essence of technologyand Dewey’s philosophy of education, a notion of technology education as “technology re-presentation”is introduced. This process centres on the visualisation or construction of technical systems andartefacts with a view to understanding them in the way indicated above. As far as the nature of thisunderstanding is concerned, directives are given by Heidegger’s idea of a reflection (Besinnung) onthe impact of technology on our present world-view and by Dewey’s concept of “reflective thinking”,which refers to the insight into the relation between our actions and their consequences.

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