Blant ordentlige fysikere – Hvilken betydning har en fysikkcamp i et autentisk forskningsmiljø for fysikkelever i videregående skole?
Among real physicists – What importance may a camp in an authentic research environment have for physics students...

Hanne Mehli


This paper reports from a qualitative study of physics students in upper secondary school participating in a camp at the Andøya Rocket Range in Northern Norway. The students work together with students from other schools, engineers and physicists for three days, following lectures and practical work related to the physics curriculum. The students report exciting, social and creative experiences through solving practical problems. Interest, competence, performance and recognition are identified as important factors for students physics identity (Hazari, Sonnert, Sadler, & Shanahan, 2010). This paper discusses how this kind of experience may contribute to the development of more physics-related identities among students in upper secondary school, and how this in turn may influence the students’ further career choices.


physics education, authentic science, upper secondary school, qualitative

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