Naturkunskapens sexualitets- och relationsundervisning analyserad ur ett heteronormativitetsperspektiv

Ylwa Li Hast, Anna T. Danielsson


Title: Teaching about sexuality and relation within science education analysed from the perspective of heteronormativity

In Sweden, a new subject syllabus for Science Studies (Naturkunskap) in upper secondary school was introduced in 2011. In this syllabus knowledge about norms concerning sexualities and relations was brought to the fore as a core content. The aim of this paper is to explore how norms concerning sexuality guide the teaching, through a case study where three upper secondary school teachers were observed and their teaching was analysed from the perspective of companion meanings. All three observed teachers did teach about homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender identities, often using genetics or evolution as their explanatory model. The teaching most often assumed that all students in the class were heterosexual, positioning LGBT-people as the Other, and did at no times take power perspectives into account.


biology, sexuality education, heteronormativity

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