Vol 10, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents

Welcome to NorDiNa 1/2014 PDF
Are Turmo, Carl-Johan Rundgren 1-2


Science and Mathematics as part of practical projects in technology and design: An analysis of challenges in realising the curriculum in Norwegian schools. PDF
Berit Bungum, Bjørn-Tore Esjeholm, Dag Atle Lysne 3-15
The importance of discourse and attitude in learning astronomy. A mixed methods approach to illuminate the results of the TIMSS 2011 survey. PDF
Trude Nilsen, Carl Angell 16-31
Negotiating the relevance of laboratory work: Safety, procedures and accuracy brought to the fore in science education PDF
Mattias Lundin, Mats Lindahl 32-45
Muntlig kommunikation under en lektion om energikällor i årskurs 5
Oral Communication during a Lesson on Energy Sources in Grade 5
Birgitta Norberg Brorsson, Margareta Enghag, Susanne Engström 46-62
Syften och tillfälligheter i högstadie- och gymnasielaborationen: En studie om hur elever handlar i relation till aktivitetens mål
Purposes and contingencies in the lower and upper secondary school lab
Per Anderhag, Helena Danielsson Thorell, Carina Andersson, Andreas Holst, Johan Nordling 63-76
Att utgå från frågor och situationer i förskolans vardag: Vilket naturvetenskapligt innehåll kan det leda till?
Starting from questions and everyday situations in preschool: What kind of science content could that lead to?
Lena Hansson, Lena Löfgren, Ann-Marie Pendrill 77-89
Exhibitions as learning environments: a review of empirical research on students’ science learning at Natural History Museums, Science Museums and Science Centres PDF
Nils Petter Hauan, Stein Dankert Kolstø 90-104
Global Climate Exchange: Peer collaboration in a “Global classroom” PDF
Majken Korsager, James D Slotta, Doris Jorde 105-120

Recent dissertations

Assessment for learning or learning for assessment: National examinations, teachers’ conceptions, teaching and learning in Science and Icelandic in four Icelandic compulsory schools PDF
Runar Sigthorsson 121
The location of innovation education in Icelandic compulsory schools PDF
Svanborg R. Jónsdóttir 122
Improving the learning of thermal physics at university PDF
Risto Tapio Leinonen 123
“Globalizing the science classroom”. Exploring development of students’ conceptual understanding of climate change from international peer collaboration. PDF
Majken Korsager 124
Entanglement of Science Teachers’ lives and work PDF
Peer S. Daugbjerg 125

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