Vol 2, No 2 (2010)

Russian in Contrast. Lexicon

This volume of OSLa contains the proceedings of the conference "Russian in Contrast" (Oslo, September 2009). The proceedings comprise three parts, two in English (Grammar; Lexicon) and one in Russian.
The second part of the proceedings can be downloaded here: osla-2-2.pdf.

Table of Contents


Russian word-formation in contrast with Czech and Norwegian PDF
Laura A Janda
The art of being negative: Metonymical morphological constructions in contrast Untitled () PDF
Tore Nesset
Input frequencies in processing of verbal morphology in L1 and L2: Evidence from Russian PDF
Elena Tkachenko, Tatiana Chernigovskaya
Animal sounds: a human vantage point PDF
Ekaterina Rakhilina
Contrastive lexicographical perspectives on the Russian language PDF
Olga Ivanishcheva
The phone makes us scream: corpus study of English and Russian PDF
Julia Kuznetsova
Constructional Profile of the Verbal Prefix ZA-: A Comparative Study of Russian and Polish PDF
Svetlana Sokolova, Wojciech Lewandowski
The Function of Mitigation in Spoken Language.Analysis of tak skazat’ (Russian) and diciamo (Italian). PDF
Elizaveta Khachaturyan
A contrastive analysis of Russian and Norwegian utterance-initial coordinating conjunctions PDF
Margje Post
Corrective Contrast in Russian, in Contrast PDF
Katja Jasinskaja

ISSN: 18909639