Vol 3, No 3 (2011)

Indo-European syntax and pragmatics: contrastive approaches

This volume presents papers from the International Workshop on Indo-European Syntax held at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia in May 2009. The workshop was a cooperative effort between the Pragmatic Resources in Old Indo-European Languages (PROIEL) project at the University of Oslo and the University of Georgia. The papers in the volume study the interaction between syntax and discourse structure in various old Indo-European languages, in most cases with an explicitly contrastive focus.

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Indo-European syntax and pragmatics: contrastive approaches PDF
Eirik Welo


Introduction PDF
Eirik Welo
Categories of definiteness in Classical Armenian PDF
Angelika Müth
The Puzzle of Albanian po PDF () PDF
Brian D. Joseph
The sacral stamp of Greek: Periphrastic constructions in New Testament translations of Latin, Gothic, and Old Church Slavonic PDF
Bridget Drinka
Native syntax and translation effects: Adnominal arguments in the Greek and Latin New Testament PDF
Chiara Gianollo
The Pragmatics of "Unruly" Dative Absolutes in Early Slavic PDF
Daniel E. Collins
Negation and Polarity in the Greek, Gothic, Classical Armenian, and Old Church Slavic Gospels PDF
Jared S. Klein
Predicative possession in Medieval Slavic Bible translations Predicative Possession in Early Biblical Slavic PDF
Julia McAnallen
Classical and Romance Usages of Ipse in the Vulgate PDF
Mari Johanne Hertzenberg
*En-phrases and Their Morphosyntactic and Semantic Particulars PDF
Olga Thomason
Modeling word order variation in discourse: On the pragmatic properties of VS order in Old High German PDF
Svetlana Petrova

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