Vol 8, No 1 (2016)

Multilingual Ethiopia: Linguistic Challenges and Capacity Building Efforts

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Multilingualism and Linguistic Capacity Building PDF
Binyam Sisay Mendisu, Janne Bondi Johannessen
Phonological Features of the Amharic Variety of South W…ôllo PDF
Baye Yimam
Consonants and Vowels in the Western Gurage Variety Inor: Complex Connections between Phonemes, Allophones, and Free Alternations PDF
Tsehay Abza
Tone in Sezo PDF
Girma Mengistu Desta
Negation in Hamar PDF
Binyam Sisay Mendisu
Aspects of the Morphophonology of Hamar PDF
Moges Yigezu
The Ethiopic Script: Linguistic Features and Socio-cultural Connotations PDF
Ronny Meyer
Visual Recognition of Graphic Variants of Amharic Letters: Psycholinguistic Experiments PDF
Feda Negesse, Derib Ado
Some Observations on Hadiyyisa Orthography PDF
Shimelis Mazengia
On the Role of South Arabian and Ethio-Semitic within a Comparative Semitic Lexicographical Project PDF
Lutz Edzard
What is in a Name? Personal Names in Hadiyya PDF
Zelealem Leyew
Norm Selection and Standardisation in Gamo PDF
Almaz Wasse Gelagay
Language Planning Challenged by Identity Contestation in a Multilingual Setting: the Case of Gamo PDF
Hirut Woldemariam
School Grammars with Everyday Vocabulary: Suggestion for a Culture Specific Approach, with Sidaamu Afoo as an Example PDF
Kjell Magne Yri
Socio-political Discourse and Communication in Sidaama Folk Media PDF
Nigussie Meshesha Mitike, Kjell Magne Yri
Social and Pragmatic Rules of Cursing and Other Routine Formulas in Gurage and Norwegian Culture PDF
Fekede Menuta, Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld

ISSN: 18909639