Vol 4, No 2 (2012)

Names and Identities

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Botolv Helleland, Christian-Emil Ore, Solveig Wikstrøm


Place Names and Identities: The Uses of Names of Helsinki PDF
Terhi Ainiala
Names and Identities in the Italian Detective Story PDF
Maria Giovanna Arcamone
Title Identity of Name(s) As a Crucial Problem in Name Studies, or: Towards the Recognition of Onymic Identity As a Principal Onomastic Concept PDF
Silvio Brendler
Feature Names and Identity in Zimbabwe PDF
Emmanuel Chabata
Endonymic Place-Name Alternants and Their Cultural Significances PDF
Richard Coates
Place Names in Multicultural Societies PDF
Thomas Hylland Eriksen
Naming Me, Naming You. Personal Names, Online Signatures and Cultural Meaning PDF
Charlotte Hagström
Place Names and Identities PDF
Botolv Helleland
Place Names As Ingredients of Space-Related Identity PDF
Peter Jordan
The Post-Colonial Identity of Durban PDF
Adrian Koopman
Names and Collective Identity PDF
Otto Krogseth
Can Choosing the Form of a Name Be an Act of Identity? PDF
Aud-Kirsti Pedersen
"Tonalism": Name, Soul, Destiny and Identity Determined by the 260-Day Calendar in Mesoamerica PDF
Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo
Toponyms and the Political and Ethnic Identity in Serbia PDF
Ljubiša Rajić
Immigrants in Norway and Their Choice of Names: Continuation or Adaption? PDF
Guro Reisæter
Official Naming in Hå, Klepp and Time PDF
Inge Særheim
Who Is Hvalbiff? Name and Identity in W. F. Hermans’s “Beyond Sleep” PDF
Karina van Dalen-Oskam
Surnames and Identities PDF
Solveig Wikstrøm
Personal Names and Identity in Literary Contexts PDF
Benedicta Windt-Val

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