Vol 2, No 1 (2010)

Russian in Contrast. Grammar

This volume of OSLa contains the proceedings of the conference "Russian in Contrast" (Oslo, September 2009). The proceedings comprise three parts, two in English (Grammar; Lexicon) and one in Russian.
The first part of the proceedings can be downloaded here: osla-2-1.pdf.

Table of Contents


Russian in Contrast: form, meaning and parallel corpora PDF
Atle Grønn, Irena Marijanovic


Specificational Copular Sentences in Russian and English PDF
Barbara H Partee
Scales in the meaning of adjectives PDF
Sveta Krasikova
Aspect in English and Russian flashback discourses Untitled () PDF
Daniel Altshuler
Complement Tense in Contrast: The SOT parameter in Russian and English PDF
Atle Grønn, Arnim von Stechow
Converbs in translation: the role of Aktionsart in the interpretation and translation of Russian converb constructions into English and Norwegian PDF
Maria Filiouchkina Krave
Subjunctive in Russian relative clauses PDF
Nina Dobrushina
Vocatives and Other Direct Address Forms: A Contrastive Study PDF
Lilli Parrott
Swiss Cheese for Lazy Speakers: Verb Omissions in Russian and Czech PDF
Jekaterina Mažara

ISSN: 18909639