Vol 10, No 2 (2018)

Approaches to Coercion and Polysemy

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Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Alexandra Anna Spalek, Matthew Gotham


Polysemous Posture in English: A Case Study of Non-literal Meaning PDF
Katherine Fraser
I'm done my homework: Complement Coercion and Aspectual Adjectives in Canadian English PDF
Patrick Murphy
Dispensing with Unwanted Polysemy: Verbal Idioms and the Lexicon PDF
Jan Wiƛlicki
Semelfactives PDF
Markus Egg
Coercion in Languages in Flux PDF
Robin Cooper
Counting Construcions and Coercion: Container, Portion and Measure Interpretations PDF
Peter R. Sutton, Hana Filip
Identity Criteria of Common Nouns and dot-types for Copredication PDF
Stergios Chatzikyriakidis, Zhaohui Luo
Coercion as Proof Search in Dependent Type Semantics PDF
Eriko Kinoshita, Koji Mineshima, Daisuke Bekki

ISSN: 18909639