Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

Corpus-based Studies in Contrastive Linguistics

Table of Contents


Corpus-based Studies in Contrastive Linguistics at the University of Oslo PDF
Signe Oksefjell Ebeling, Atle Grønn, Kjetil Rå Hauge, Diana Santos


En meningsløs norsk perfektum i kontrafaktiske kondisjonalsetninger PDF
Atle Grønn
Fake imperfective imperatives in Slavic PDF
Silje Susanne Alvestad
Found in translation – discourse markers out of the blue PDF
Kjetil Rå Hauge
Reported speech in Russian and Italian: verbs of speech and particles PDF
Elizaveta Khachaturyan
Additive conjunction across languages: ‘dessuten’ and its correspondences in English and French PDF
Hilde Hasselgård
Clausal modifiers in noun phrases: A comparison of English and Norwegian based on the Oslo Multilingual Corpus PDF
Johan Elsness
Individual variation between translators in the use of clause building and clause reduction PDF
Hildegunn Dirdal
A case study of text conventions in comparable and parallel texts: English and Norwegian PDF
Bergljot Behrens
Cross-linguistic semantic prosody: The case of ‘commit’, ‘signs of’ and ‘utterly’ and their Norwegian correspondences PDF
Signe Oksefjell Ebeling
Studying word order differences in a historical parallel corpus: An example from Old Spanish and Old Portuguese PDF
Kristine Gunn Eide
Postverbal subjects in Old English and Old French PDF
Christine Salvesen, Kristin Bech
Participles in contrast PDF
Hans Petter Helland, Anneliese Pitz
The semantics of the BCS and Bulgarian motion verbs ‘doći’ and ‘dojda’ - ‘to come, arrive’: a contrastive corpus-based study PDF
Ljiljana Saric, Ivelina Tchizmarova
‘Ser’, ‘estar’, ‘ficar’, ‘haver’ e ‘ter’ contra ‘ha’, ‘bli’ e ‘være’: quem disse que era fácil traduzir sentimentos e sensações? PDF
Diana Santos

ISSN: 18909639